Kamis, 20 November 2014

Microsoft Cortana - A virtual assistant that is answer to Siri

Microsoft is showcasing a new virtual assistant included in an upcoming update for Windows cell phones. The assistant, named Cortana tries to become chatty like Siri on Apple’s i-phones and iPads, while anticipating information you may want, like Google Now on Android products. Cortana will warn you of conflicts whenever you add items to your calendar, and it will remind you to enquire about the new dog your sister just got next time you communicate with her, whether that’s through phone, chat or email. It will offer you to remind you of upcoming journey by scanning your email.

Microsoft says the feature is within a beta test mode as the organization tries to improve its voice acknowledgement capabilities. In fact, during the statement overnight, Cortana made many mistakes; including offering weather in Celsius once the request was for the Kelvin heat scale. Cortana is among the new features visiting a Windows Phone update called 8.1. The company says it will likely be available on new phones in about a month and you will be available as an update on existing phones a couple of months later.

As Microsoft opened its annual Build conference in Bay area, the company also announced a new Action Centre for that Windows Phone system as a centre for app notifications and information for example remaining battery life. Other new phone features include automated connecting to free Wi-Fi hot spots in order to save on cellular data.

The company provided additional information on making the Windows Phone system more useful running a business setting. Companies will be able to restrict apps that may run on phones issued to workers or prevent sensitive documents from becoming saved locally.

Microsoft is also upgrading its Windows 8.1 system with regard to tablets, laptops and desktops. Although Microsoft may be pushing touchscreen controls, the new update is made to make it easier for those along with traditional keyboard and mouse controls. The update can be obtained starting next Tuesday.

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