Jumat, 21 November 2014

Microsoft is about to leave one-third of all PCs vulnerable to hacking

Vast sums of computers running everything from ATMs towards the power grid will be vulnerable to hacking the following month when Microsoft stops supporting its old Or windows 7 operating system. Hackers have been possessing flaws in Windows XP and waiting to exploit them until following the software giant stops issuing security improvements on April 8, experts say.

Microsoft announced six years ago it won't provide security patches or technical support for that out-of-date software. Yet about one-third of computers all over the world or about 500 million PCs still run Or windows 7. On Microsoft’s website, a clock ticks right down to next month’s Windows deadline and an email warns customers that after April 8, not really antivirus software will protect PCs that run the obsolete operating-system.

Without critical Windows XP security improvements, your PC may become vulnerable in order to harmful virus and other malicious software which could steal or damage your business information and information, the site states. In a statement, a Microsoft spokesman stated consumers should upgrade to Windows 7 or even Windows 8.1, which costs $120 to set up. The company will continue to update anti-malware products for or windows 7 users through July 14, 2015. A wide selection of institutions will face increased security risks the following month because they still run the aged software.

For example, hundreds of a large number of federal government computers still operate Or windows 7, including many PCs that contain categorized military and diplomatic information, according towards the Washington Post. About half of the estimated 4,000 electric utilities in the United States also still use computers with the outdated Windows software, according to Meat C. Miller, founder of the non-profit Power Sector Security Consortium. Miller said many utilities still operate Windows XP because it costs huge amount of money and takes years to upgrade all their computers to newer software.

To purchase the upgrade, utilities must ask state commissions to improve rates on consumers, and some of these have been denied, he said. Miller said his biggest concern is really a hacker attacking the unpatched Windows software to be able to cause a blackout on a warm summer day. And we don’t understand how long the blackout would last because there’s no fix in the vendor, Miller said. Nadya Bartol, a cyber security expert in the Utilities Telecom Council, said most from the country’s utilities have computer networks along with multiple layers of security. She said the hacking risk depends upon where those PCs are located inside the network.

We should be concerned and we ought to replace these operating systems, Bartol informed HuffPost. But we shouldn’t be alarmist. Additionally, only 38 % of the nation’s some 425,000 cash machines may have upgraded from Windows XP, according to David Tente, the executive director from the ATM Industry Association. Some banks have negotiated extensions with Microsoft or paid the organization for custom support after the contract. Still, many IT technicians are visiting ATMs round the country to replace the outdated Windows software manually, a process that takes about an hour or so each time, Tente told HuffPost.

There have already been cases where hackers have fooled the ATM into thinking its dispensing buck bills when it’s really dispensing 20 dollar bills, Tente said. He said such risks are unlikely to improve immediately after April 8. But with time, there’s a greater risk of flaws that may be taken advantage of because you don’t have those patches arriving, he said. Microsoft introduced Or windows 7 in 2001. Back then, reviewers praised the software for being simple to use and not crashing as often because previous Windows versions.

The operating system remained on an incredible number of computers for years because its alternative, Windows Vista, was plagued with several problems. Now, Microsoft is trying to adjust to a landscape that is less centered on desktops and more focused on cellular devices. Windows 8.1, which was launched last fall, includes many touch screen features and was created for both tablets and desktops. But even while Microsoft pushes customers to upgrade from Or windows 7, the company has struggled to continue in a post-PC world. In the months following the Windows 8 was release.

Kamis, 20 November 2014

Microsoft Cortana - A virtual assistant that is answer to Siri

Microsoft is showcasing a new virtual assistant included in an upcoming update for Windows cell phones. The assistant, named Cortana tries to become chatty like Siri on Apple’s i-phones and iPads, while anticipating information you may want, like Google Now on Android products. Cortana will warn you of conflicts whenever you add items to your calendar, and it will remind you to enquire about the new dog your sister just got next time you communicate with her, whether that’s through phone, chat or email. It will offer you to remind you of upcoming journey by scanning your email.

Microsoft says the feature is within a beta test mode as the organization tries to improve its voice acknowledgement capabilities. In fact, during the statement overnight, Cortana made many mistakes; including offering weather in Celsius once the request was for the Kelvin heat scale. Cortana is among the new features visiting a Windows Phone update called 8.1. The company says it will likely be available on new phones in about a month and you will be available as an update on existing phones a couple of months later.

As Microsoft opened its annual Build conference in Bay area, the company also announced a new Action Centre for that Windows Phone system as a centre for app notifications and information for example remaining battery life. Other new phone features include automated connecting to free Wi-Fi hot spots in order to save on cellular data.

The company provided additional information on making the Windows Phone system more useful running a business setting. Companies will be able to restrict apps that may run on phones issued to workers or prevent sensitive documents from becoming saved locally.

Microsoft is also upgrading its Windows 8.1 system with regard to tablets, laptops and desktops. Although Microsoft may be pushing touchscreen controls, the new update is made to make it easier for those along with traditional keyboard and mouse controls. The update can be obtained starting next Tuesday.

Rabu, 19 November 2014

Lenovo S850 Specifications Review

Lenovo S850 smart phone is one classy? The Lenovo S850 after which won the title as a mid-end mobile phones are relatively cheap. Lenovo S850 processors that belong armed, which is capable of producing as much as 1.3 GHz clock speed. Performance Lenovo S850 increasingly difficult in order to surpass 1GB of RAM thanks to the presence at the back of the device.

As a result, the Smartphone is growing steadily although used to run several applications simultaneously. Feeling comfortable when using Lenovo S850 increasingly felt by using 5-inch screen still sufficient current should be bagged or held with one hands. But Lenovo S850 has a special attraction for that body wrapped in a layer of glass that means it is appear attractive. By design bling-bling red, the S850 is very suitable for use within particular young women users like stuff that smell of fashion. Moreover, the wrapped in glass can provide the funky and modern look.

Probe when it comes to display, the Lenovo S850 comes with IPS LCD screen has a 5-inch 720 x 1280 pixel quality with 294 ppi density, and embedded touchscreen multi-touch by providing a 5 stage touch. Then the body of this phone looks slightly thinner since it has a thickness of only 8.2 mm and weighs just was fairly light just 140 grams. So it is no longer, if Lenovo S850 is named the fashionable design appear funky as well as modern.

The operating system used for any new series of Android 4.4 already KitKat, so for a face-to-face transactions of Lenovo S850 users have benefits over similar Smartphone. Lenovo device supplying power to add components with power 2150 mAh battery that is considered quite adequate for how big 5-inch Smartphone.

Another advantage will end up being felt from Lenovo S850 camera pictures, the article had set measures 13 MP back camera resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels as well as LED flash features combined Autofocus, video recording rear camera can also be capable of producing up to 1080p quality, and the front camera also includes a sensor that large: 5 MP. Armed with both superior cameras, it looks like Lenovo S850 made especially for users who like photography.

Like the Lenovo S860, Lenovo S850 includes a Quad Core processor chipset MediaTek MT6582 speed of just 1.3 GHz, but that is not the same as the power of only 1 GB associated with RAM embedded on Lenovo S850, when the Lenovo S860 has 2 GB associated with RAM. However, despite having a reduce RAM, believed Lenovo S850 can operate many applications very smoothly circuitry.

How about the Lenovo S850 camera? Relax, the primary camera is fairly good Lenovo S850, 13MP resolution has a number of features contemporary photography that snapped click affairs, Lenovo S850 is still dependable. The internal memory is carried through the Smartphone made?? by Lenovo is 16GB, available in several color options and also there are lots of supporting accessories that you can find also in online stores or mobile phone stores in your neighborhood.

Rabu, 10 September 2014

Microsoft ditching Windows 8, plans to release Windows 9

MICROSOFT is rumored to be on the point of give Windows 8 the boot and release a fresh Windows 9 operating system. This software introduced just 15 months ago has experienced heavy criticism and poor consumer uptake and it is reported to be given a total overhaul for 2015 with Microsoft likely to make the announcement at an occasion in April.

As to what individuals are expected to see with the new operating-system is yet unknown but many know the issues faced with Windows 8 and why it's time Microsoft are experiencing a sweeping re-think.

When Microsoft gave its radical Windows 8 operating-system it presented consumers with a vibrant, colorful tile style interface which might run seamlessly on desktop, mobile as well as tablet. However, many traditional features from the system millions had been using for a long time disappeared, confusing some, alienating others as well as infuriating many when even the iconic "start" switch disappeared.

An 8.1 update came to rectify numerous faults and consumer complaints (including bringing back the beginning button) with the software but it appears too little too late and Windows is able to pull the plug on the entire thing. On the mobile scene Windows 8 products hold a minority market share when compared with Android and Apple's iOS devices and despite a great go at releasing numerous handsets and tablets last year the possible lack of consumer interest and failure to really make a direct effect in the mobile market has been cause for review for that Microsoft board.

Windows 8 has even been unable to make waves at work with many millions of corporations worldwide still using, and preferring to make use of, Windows 7 running machines. It is really a case of identity crisis for the much understood Windows 8, which never were able to bridge the gap between PC as well as mobile experience. We await more news within the run-up to Microsoft's Build conference in April as well as perhaps we'll even see a new BOSS there, too.

Selasa, 19 November 2013

Latest Version of iOS 6 - Some Letdowns Against Many Hopes

With regards to Apple, our hopes are high. Years when Steve Jobs introduced the original apple iphone in 2007, he stated that the actual technology Apple uses is ‘ahead associated with its time’. And the world definitely believed it. Every time when Apple announced its latest iOS (operating system) because of its smart devices, iOS apps developers welcomed new features & changes that might be no less than an innovation by it.

The latest Apple operating system iOS 6 had been announced some days back and there is a lot to cheer. But iOS developers, after testing first beta, are little bit disappointed. The reason is high expectations in the giant like Apple. Although, there tend to be more than 200 features added in this latest stuff however are they useful? Do all this kind of features justify the title of ‘ahead associated with its’ time’? It does not, definitely! There are a few letdowns towards many hopes in iOS 6 discharge.

At times, expert iOS developers felt how the company running out of innovative ideas after while using beta version to build applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod-Touch. According in order to unofficial survey, a large much of programmers got disappointed using the features and so called new things being introduced in iOS 6 discharge. Let’s look at few of them… It’s not really ahead among equals! What new Apple smart device is going to do with iOS 6, everybody else can perform too. Having this said, this period, they din’ really stand ‘ahead associated with its time’.

Do you think natural user interface is something from this world? This had already become the mainstream some years back. The Siri is unquestionably better than others but then could it be class apart in latest iOS 6? The BlackBerry, Windows and top of just about all, the Giant Android have most associated with features and apps what Apple provides. The ‘user friendly’, ‘easy to use’, ‘simple in order to navigate’, ‘humanly approach’ are no lengthier selling points that experts think Apple company should understand now. It is not prodigious simply because Apple did it Okay, we just about all understand the wars between Apple as well as giants like Microsoft and Google. This time around, Apple din’ depend on the Google license for utilizing their Maps.

Everyone on our world knows about the proficiency of Search engines Maps that powered Apple device earlier but this time around, in iOS 6, Apple has its mapping app. They call it because prettier maps but are they truly prettier? Do you think this leapfrogged venture managed to get something great? Furthermore, what new they created; Facebook integration –already done with Home windows Phone 7 and HTC Sense; FaceTime over cellular –many possibilities already! Third party applications have already been offering video callings at dirt inexpensive rates.

So, what’s new? Where is something which Apple is known for? It leads us through the nose Yes! It brings a restriction and therefore, it’s doubtful whether Apple wants much more bucks form us. Putting the equipment limitations, it’s certainly frustrating for the users with old devices. IOS 6 release date isn't yet fixed but it’s in the coming fall. This means, after a couple of months, there’s a waiting period of eighteen more months when next iOS is going to be announced. If you look into the problem, as of Beta 1, the Siri doesn't support iPad 2.

Also, if only apple iphone 4 and 3GS get iOS6 then how about the 1st generation of iPad? Can there be any other go than spending some dough and purchase the new one? There isn't any denial that the smart device has kept its promise the majority of the times by offering excellent features that were just from the world, but not here. It isn't surprising that iOS 6 apps development might not tickle the users’ fancy this period.